Houston: La Carafe Tonight!

Hey, Everybody! 

As the world turns, I am spending a lot of time taking care of my geriatric cat, dear Lucky whom you might recall from one of my videos a few years ago, looking so young and strong, but now he is an older gentleman in his golden years and needs more trips to the doctor and more attention all around.  I love him and he is worth it! 

In the meantime, my beloved “big boy,” my 70 pound adolescent hound who was abandoned by the river, Gomer – yes, he is named after the character, Gomer Pyle, and resembles him in his good-natured personality and intuitive intelligence – is in surgery as I am writing this because he has ingested something when I wasn’t looking and has a blockage that requires an operation and several days’ stay in the veterinary hospital. 

But thank goodness his doc says that he should be okay, and I am still planning to do the La Carafe “Third Tuesdays” show tonight from 9-11 and hope that you can stop by if you are in the area.  It would be great to see you and get a chance to catch up a bit if you can come.  

And I will leave you with this link to “The Southern Gothic Wedding Waltz,” which features a cameo appearance by “young Lucky.”  It was nice to revisit my first music video that was directed by my talented friend, the French-Canadian artist, Natali Leduc.  This video actually had thousands of streams but I asked Natali to take it down for a while because I was having some technical difficulties related to “google.”  

Brings back happy memories of how things used to be as this was shot on location here in Houston: 

The Southern Gothic Wedding Waltz

Y’all come!

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