1. These Days

From the recording These Days

These Days was recorded "out at the Ranch" in Stafford, Texas in March 2010.  
Executive Producer: Kevin "Big Kev" Ploghoft
Producer: Jimmy Pizzitola
Engineer: Jimmy Pizzitola
Glenna Bell: Vocals and Guitar
Jimmy Pizzitola: Keyboard, Guitars, Percussion
These Days is the third track on the new release, recorded out at Jimmy Pizzitola’s enchanting 1940’s Texas ranch house/studio.  It’s about a dream never realized.  I’d say the mood is “haunting.”  Sometimes I think Jimmy’s place is haunted by the ghosts of all those by-gone souls who came to hear the music of the roving Texas bands that graced its stage back in the long-ago days.  I could swear they were there with me behind that mic when we captured These Days on a magical first take.
Maggie Grimason, of Songfacts, says, "This song [These Days] tells the story of a girl, 'very long ago, in a fairy book world' and a man she holds a dream-like affection for, always admiring him from afar. The girl in the song 'believed in dreams' so the man visited her there, but never in reality. And the girl waits. Waits for years.In our interview with Glenna Bell, she revealed that the song was written about her aunt, a woman who inspired Glenna with stories of her life, with her powerful voice and music. After 81 years of life, Glenna's aunt passed away, and tucked into the folds of her purse was a black and white photo of a lover lost long, long ago. Glenna was moved by her aunt's unending affection for this man and her quiet longing. 'These Days' was written for her aunt and her grief."