A Music Video And A Holland Hit

Hello, again. Here's another update on my music. Last Friday, I had a terrific time filming the new music video of my song, "Hoping I Could Be Wrong," which was selected for the shoot by Moffett Productions here in Houston. The studio is first-rate, and executive director, Michael Stevens, says the footage is looking great. I was lucky enough to be backed up in the video by the very handsome and very talented John Evans Band, and we'll film the scenes on location in the near future. I'll keep you posted. The other day, I checked email and more good news came in the form of a note from Francois Braeken of RootsTime, Belgium, who was letting me know that my new album, Face This World, just received a "four horse" review in Alt. Country Holland. (They use horses instead of stars to rate the albums.) Boy, do I wish I could read Dutch, but I think they like it since the CD has been selling like hotcakes to buyers in Holland since the review came out. CD Baby has been emailing me almost every day to help them fill more orders. What else? Well, I have a special show booked by the tireless Devon Mikeska of Dan Workman Music, and it will be at Helios on Houston's legendary Westheimer curve this Friday night (April 22) from 10-11:15. This venue is an eclectic coffee house and wine bar that is actually a not-for-profit venue owned by a couple who goes way back in the Houston art scene. I love playing intimate one-of-a-kind spaces like Helios and am gearing up for another fun performance. I might even sing my new Christmas song live for the first time ever, so y'all come. I promise you will be entertained.

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