The Southern Gothic Wedding Waltz was recorded at WXLV radio studios in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania.
Executive Producer: Kevin "Big Kev" Ploghoft
Producer: Kevin "Big Kev" Ploghoft
Engineer: In-House Staff
Glenna Bell: Vocals and Guitar
Lawrence Ochs (Guitar)
Carl Baggaley (Keyboards)
The tragic “Southern Gothic Wedding Waltz” serves as a counterpoint to the comic “Cougar Anthem” on the album. I wrote the song in about thirty minutes on a cold day in January in a small kitchen at the edge of New York City, and it is told from the perspective of a victim of domestic abuse as she struggles to comprehend what has happened during the moments after killing her husband in their kitchen:  “Married for a quarter of a century at the close of the opening verse, the female narrator intimates, ‘Dear God, what have I done?  Now, there’s blood on the walls and blood on the floor.  The last thing I remember he was walking through the door.” (Arthur Wood, Maverick—UK, Nov 2010).  Radio personality, Doug Gesler of WMBR 88.1 FM at MIT in Cambridge, featured this track on his annual Lost Highway “best of” compilation disc in December 2010 and remarked that it is “one of the most haunting (well, really—the most haunting) I heard all year.”  In the AllMusic Guide, James Allen admires “the stark storytelling of ‘The Southern Gothic Wedding Waltz.’”