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Glenna Bell: Music

Big Kev

(Glenna Bell)
October 19, 2010
Copyright Glenna Bell (ASCAP)

Big Kev was recorded at The Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas in March 2010.  

Executive Producer: Kevin "Big Kev" Ploghoft

Producer: John Evans

Engineer: Andre Moran

Glenna Bell: Vocals and Guitar

Scott Davis: Banjo

Jake Marchese:  Bass

Paul "Falcon" Valdez: Percussion


“Big Kev” is a banjo-infused romp down bluegrass lane with a raw edge.  The lyric features sustained double entendre that facilitates its suggestive humor.  I recorded this song with members of Hayes Carll’s backing band at The Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas.  Paul Riley, of Country Music People (UK) says, “Country music gets no better than this . . . things get folky with Big Kev (a song title and nickname of one of the producers).  This is a banjo-driven up tempo song and reminds me of Buffy Sainte Marie’s country album.” – Country Music People, UK—CD of the Month (Dec 2010)