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Glenna Bell: Music


(Glenna Bell)
January, 2005
Copyright Glenna Bell (ASCAP)

John, do you remember me? I was just a girl. I know it was a long time ago. John, do you remember that we would�ve had a baby? Now that precious child would be sixteen. John, I�m a woman now. I�m living downtown, and people say I�m doing all right. But when it�s late at night I wander these streets alone; I listen to the sounds of the city. This world�s gotten old, and I�m so far gone, and I�ve learned that it does little good to dream. I heard you have a wife and family somewhere in Nebraska. Well, I spent a few years in North Dakota. Do you ever miss the mysteries of these sweet Southern pines or the magic of the moment we first touched? The simple beauties of this earth with all its pain and loss have been enough to keep me going on. But through the years I�ve learned that it does little good to dream, and there comes a time for everything to end. There comes a time for everything to end. Mom and Dad, please know that no one�s to blame. I love you, and I�m heading out at midnight. Mom and Dad, you do the best you can, and please tell my friends goodbye. Please tell my friends goodbye. (c) 2004 Glenna Bell